Feeling Thankful, Blessed, and Very Humbled!

I am sitting here with a cold drink after a most wonderful and challenging day. My dog is snoring at my feet. I am slowly starting to really understand that likely in just a few short weeks, he will no longer be mine. The sadness and dread are for the minute so strong. I want to hold him and stroke his shiny black and greying fir forever. I truly do not relish giving him up even though I know it is the best for both of us. He has been telling me for the past few months that he no longer wants to work. The move has been difficult for him. I  often wonder if I had done something to upset him or cause this lack of ambition on his part. I am told that his reluctance to work is not personal, but a result of rapid change that he does not understand. His loud and not so gentle snores are reminding me of so many times when he was simply to comfortable to move such as when he slept under council table at court and refused to get up when our business was done. There were the many times court reporters told me they had to edit his snores out of transcripts. He also charmed all the ladies. I learned lately just how big his fan club seems to have become. We should all be so lucky. I am so truly humbled by the amazing response I have gotten after putting out the word that he will need a new loving home. I have no doubt that where ever he ends up, he will be looked after as he deserves. He has worked and earned his rest. Well, Ok, he is demanding it now. I have often wondered about the selfishness of the process. I get a service dog, work the dog for several years, when they are no longer of use, they are put a side, and I get to start over again with a new younger one. The fact that so much thought goes into finding him a home and making sure he is well looked after is only a small consolation. I do hope he will not think I abandoned him. I give up my dogs with the heaviest heart. Thank you to anyone who has ever taken a retiring service dog. You will never know just how special a gift you are giving to the dogs, and those who love and can no longer keep them. I will end this on a happy and positive note. Our day was filled with play, fun, sun shine and new friends. This is a blessing. Once again thank you to all who have reached out over the last 48 hours.  I only wish I could  someday return the amazing love you are sending our way.


One thought on “Feeling Thankful, Blessed, and Very Humbled!

  1. Jessica St. Croix says:

    So nice hearing from you today. Looking forward to meeting up soon!

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