Reflections on International Women’s Day

In honour of this day, I am thinking about how far we have come. However, I must remember those who are not so fortunate. Only a few years ago I was oppressed by the powers of ignorance. You see, when my family was living in the United Arab Emirates, I was not allowed to attend school. Why you ask, well, I am a female with a disability. In that world many people like me are still hidden from the world and kept from being able to have an education, a family or a job.   Marriage which would have been most female’s destiny, would not be a possibility. The general attitude was that we weren’t whole no matter how intelligent or what each woman has to offer. I am so sad to say that little improvement has been made in this situation. This is not only sad, but wrong. So many people lack the basic human rights. I was so lucky to have been able to receive an excellent education. I have 3 degrees from Queen’s University. I have my own business helping people have positive workplace experiences. I have been able to have a mostly normal life with my husband and cat with the help of my guide dog. I am constantly pinching myself to make sure this is all real. The day I got my law degree was beyond amazing. I still can’t believe I could do such a thing.  I had always believed that I would not be able to do much. My wish is for young girls and women to be allowed the opportunity to realize their potentials through education and support. So, here is my call to action for you. I challenge you to learn about the plight of just 1 oppressed woman in another part of the world. It is through awareness that we will be able to change the world we live in 1 person at a time. Here’s to hope, and change for those who need it no matter where they are. Happy International Women’s Day!