So, Toronto got lots of snow on Friday. In preparation for this, all stores were cleared of stock the day before in case people had to stay home for a day or 2. Parents were warned to keep their kids home from school, and many did not even attempt the trek to work. It was so bad they closed Federal Government offices Downtown. Coming from Montreal, this seemed silly. We did take the day to enjoy though. Re-arranging furniture, cooking a great roast, and just relaxing. Did I mention how I love the brightness of fresh snow? The glow is wonderful. Things feel so clean that is until my dog goes out and makes it less so.  The salt trucks come out and cause it to look so drab. I wondered if Mr. Ford was getting ready to call in the military.  The question that kept coming up all night was “are we not in Canada”? What would Toronto do if it were really up north?  I will leave you with this last thought. Check out Rick Mercer’s “snow in Toronto”. Have a great Monday. Oh and do you think we over react to snow here?

  1. 1.    Special Report: Snow in Toronto – YouTube



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