Great Service

I am not sure what good karma I have lately, but I’ll take it. The great service that is. I recently got new business cards to reflect my new contact info. I was not prepared for how fabulous they would turn out to be. To top that off, the nice people at 121 Media in Kingston out did themselves by bringing them to me while I was in Kingston. Thank you Roy! I can’t wait to start really passing them out.


Next, I am still on the hunt for an accessible accounting program for invoicing clients. So far I had struck out. Well, until last week. I was referred to see if Fresh Books would work for me. Well, on the surface of it, it did not appear accessible. However, contacting their support people was so easy. I not only got a call back on the same day, but a few days later I had a call from a senior programmer. He had downloaded the demo of my screen reader to test the obstacles for himself. Wow! I understand they are working on making the changes. I am so impressed that they would listen to me. I am not a paying client yet. They may have wan my loyalty for life with this amazing effort.


Now, do not get me wrong, as I have been getting awesome service from my IT consultants at Weehooey, our Real Estate Agent back in Kingston Tracie Tattrie, and many others.  I have been so blessed with such great assistance where needed. Feeling like I am at the awards here, I am not able to list everyone, as it would take to long and I don’t want to be cut off.  I hope this sort of charmed existence with service providers will continue. Thank you for doing what you do. I aspire to also provide a great level of service to my clients. Do you have great tips on this?


One thought on “Great Service

  1. Linda says:

    Life is awesome, isn’t it!
    What goes around, comes around; and what you put out there, comes back to you in spades! You, my dear are putting out positive vibes and that’s evident by all the positives coming back to you.
    Onward & upward!! With Love & Friendship, Lindina

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