I have often been asked how I am able to use my computers, IPhone, and so on. I try to have as many talking machines as possible. This is much to the dismay of my husband who claims they talk at night and wake him up.  For reading and using the computer, I have a Screen Reader. It is called JAWS. You may download a demo here. It is not perfect, but what a world of difference for me. I am able to navigate web sites, word documents, email, and almost everything else. The voices have even come a long way. They sound almost human. There are many accents, voices and even languages. I invite you to take a look. Download the demo and step into my shoes for a bit. To clear up a question that comes to me from every second person I meet, I do not speak to my computer, but for unmentionable things I hurl at it in frustration, it reads to me. I navigate with the keyboard and short cuts. I do not have the ability to use a mouse. Yes, try it sometime. You may find yourself frustrated. I love it when I ask for assistance from a Tech support person and they tell me to look at the right of the screen or that the link I want is half way down the page and to the left. When you are using this technology, be prepared to listen to every link that comes before the one you want.  I still feel extremely awed by the fact that I can do any of those things. I feel so fortunate to be able to use such amazing technologies. I do want to explain that there are many web sites that are not written with accessibility in mind. I wish the programmers would step into my shoes. I understand it is very simple to make your pages accessible. You just need to take the time to find out how. Before I sign off, I also want to say how much I love my IPhone! The voice over feature included in the IPhone and Mac Products is wonderful. Seary and I are not always getting along, but I hear that is common. Have an accessible day.


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