Getting Around

So, I went on 1 adventure on Friday. This involved taking a bus and switching to a street car. This sounds so simple. Why am I telling  you about it?

Well, because it is a big deal. My guide Dog and I need to learn our way around a new place or many places in this case. We met up with our friend for lunch and continued with our day with no incident. A few observations though. The bus driver was very friendly and helpful. The Street Car driver was surly to put it mildly. They are supposed to ask a person if they are at the stop if they are looking to take the street car, but he did not. It was so busy at Dundas I could not hear the electric sound of the car. Oh and he did not ring the bell either. No cues. Thankfully a kind stranger asked me if I am waiting for the street car.

Later on, my dog and I wandered around the Eaton centre. Malls are easy right? Yes and no. It is mostly a safe place, there was no indication of where we were in the mall. Again found our way without any problem. I did get to speak to a lovely sales person in one of the stores.

So far, my impression of the city is that it is friendly. I have met many people and am loving the interactions. My dog is also loving the stimulation and work. Now, if only we could convince other dog owners around here to pick up after their dogs, life would be easier.


3 thoughts on “Getting Around

  1. Liz Kogan says:

    Keep writing! Allow your mind and heart to dictate your words. You have a great outlet here. 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    LOVING it! What a marvelous way to keep us all in touch. Onward & upward darling! Luv Lin

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