Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I am working on my goals of 2013. What better way to remain accountable, but sharing them with the world? I know they should be very specific with numbers and dates and all, but I think I will start by just figuring out what it is I want/need to accomplish!

First let me back track for you. We recently moved to Toronto! Anyone want to purchase a house in the Kingston area? This is a serious question. 🙂

So, my goals are related to our move. The first, de-clutter and finish setting up our small place. This is a much more challenging task as we have more stuff than space.  My second goal is to learn how to get around Toronto. My dog was trained here so hopefully, he will make it easier for me. I still will need a fair amount of help with this. The third goal is to meet people and start networking. I am still working on my business. I am a mediator and Negotiator. I need clients. 🙂 I have joined Meet Up and I need to attend something. I am reaching out to friends as well. Do you know an awesome person in Toronto looking to get to know new people?  My Forth goal is to exercise. There is a room with all kinds of equipment down stairs. I need to use this. I am thinking twice a week? I also need to find a pool where they offer Aqua fitness. Fifth, I need read less fiction and more substantial books. My sixth goal is to finally work on a budget and plan vacations. We don’t seem to look after this very well. Something always gets in the way. Also as a part of this, I need to get back on track with my own financial planning. Must call advisor soon. Is that too vague? Ok, by the end of next week! Seventh, Post in this blog more often. So, at least once every 4 weeks. My eighth goal is related to my work. I need to start working on my website again. I keep thinking that I need to share more information about our services. I have so many great ideas on articles I can write, but I seem to get side tracked when at the computer. I will keep it simple for myself by planning on writing one piece for my page every 4 weeks. I do hope that is not too ambitious.  My ninth goal is to look after my own wellbeing. Sleep more; eat better even though I do eat well. There is always room for improvement. Part of this is to look after relationships with friends, colleagues and of course husband. I need to plan and actually do fun stuff such as going to the theatre, park, and using our canoe.

You may have noticed that I don’t have a tenth goal listed. This is because there is always room for more. Please feel free to check with me about what have I accomplished lately. I hope all your goals happen. I wish you a positive and healthy new year.


One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. canwimmin@yahoo.com says:

    All the best with accomplishing your goals 🙂

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