My eyes are a black Lab named Jacque. As you might know he was trained at the Lion’s Foundation in Oakville, Ontario. He has changed my life as working dogs usually do for the people they serve. He has allowed me to work, travel and even become a business owner. I have a Lions T-Shirt that says “We serve”, these dogs are the exact definition of that.

This month I am working on our annual walk to bring awareness to the community about the function and cost of training of these incredible animals.

The foundation is funded by the work of Lions all over the country and the donations of many kind people like you. Dogs are matched with users at no cost to the person using them, but they cost on average about $20 000 to train.

Over the last 6 years in the Kingston area, we have managed to raise about $20 000. This year is our 7th and I do wish we could do $10 000

I can not do that alone. I do need the help of many great people like you. You are welcome to join us at the event, or by simply donating directly on line.

Check out the event at Click on Kingston and just register.

I can’t wait to see you there.


 BTW, You may sponser Jacque and I directly by clicking on our page and donating. I thank you in advanced for this. I hope we can help many Canadians have a dog when they need one.


Much love



My eyes are a b…


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