The weekend

Wow! its the weekend. I thought I’d get to sleep in, but no chance. My boys wanted to be fed. The dog came and started asking to be fed at 4:30am and the cat joined him of course. I am awake and it is once againa wonderful quiet morning here. I should be working out or reading the news or something, but I am here posting. I am so excited about a weekend day where so much is possible. I was thinking of going to the public library to find some new reads or music. I also am thinking of making a big dinner. Cooking is one of those things I love. I will likely post recipes or menues as we go. I’d love suggestions as well to make them better.  So, my thanks for this post is for the good friends we have. We saw some friends for dinner last night. As always our conversations were all over the place and never boring. I wish them luck in their travels and want them back safe. Of course I am so thankful for good friends, good food and even more so for the combination of the 2.


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